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On Friday 9-16-2022, The WGH Athletic Department, will honor the 50th Anniversary of the OHSAA Class AAA 1972 Warren Western Reserve Raiders Football State Championship Team.

If you are a 1972 WWR Player, Coach, Manager, or family member of someone that passed, please fill out form below to register for the 50th celebration event.

- If you don’t know if you make it to the event or not, please fill out form and mark not sure. We will keep you up to date closer to the event.

- Your information will only be shared with the WGH Athletic Department, and the committee planning any events for the 1972 celebrations.

- If you would like to donate or sponsor any championship celebration memorabilia (example game rally towels, mini footballs, hats or player exclusive gifts, Please contact Brandon at 330-501-9126 or email  

- Brandon Giovannone works directly with the WGH Athletic Department assisting with the planning of the 1972 Mollenkopf Stadium 50th Celebration Event

Team Registration Form

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